Billie Eilish’s preferred indie album: “I adore every aspect of it.”

Billie Eilish's preferred indie album: "I adore every aspect of it."

Billie Eilish came of age during a somewhat lackluster phase in The Strokes’ trajectory. The band had fallen out of favor with many after the release of Comedown Machine, and their absence from the music scene for six years generated little anticipation for their comeback.

Nevertheless, the emergence of The New Abnormal in 2020 marked a crucial juncture, coinciding not only with the challenges of the pandemic but also signifying a notable return to the indie rock music scene at large. Tracks such as ‘The Adults Are Talking’, ‘Ode To The Mets’, and ‘At The Door’ demonstrated that the New York ensemble had maintained their touch.

Enlisting Rick Rubin for their updated blend of indie and electronica, The New Abnormal impressed many, from existing fans to general music enthusiasts. One such ardent devotee was Eilish, who has expressed her admiration for the band before. Speaking to the Australian radio station Triple J, Eilish named ‘At The Door’ one of her favorite songs, describing the entire album as one of her most cherished.

She also lauded its overall arrangements, explaining how it resonated deeply with her: “It’s been my favorite album in many years,” she elucidated. “There is something about The Strokes, I don’t know what it is, man. I love ‘At The Door’, I love the melodies, I love the lyrics, I love everything about it. The Strokes hit a nerve.”

This incident is one of the instances where Eilish praised The Strokes. In The New York Times‘ ‘My Ten’ series, she elaborated on how the band played a crucial role as a source of support for her during the first lockdown in 2020. “When I first found the album, I was going on a lot of bike rides,” the singer recalled. “I would play the whole album on my speaker backpack and ride around random neighborhoods, and it was always sunny and breezy and pretty and green.”

Adding: “Julian Casablancas is just a genius — every time I hear his lyrics, I think, ‘I would never think to say that’. That’s what I love about them — they’re so unexpected but also relatable. Every single song is good.”

In The New Abnormal, The Strokes defied skeptics, partially owing to Rubin’s adept touch, who successfully guided them back on track. While, for many, the album may not rival the seminal Is This It, it has played a role in introducing a new wave of enthusiasts like Eilish, who were too young to experience The Strokes’ initial heyday.

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